Should You Buy or Lease Gym Equipment?

Would you prefer to buy or lease commercial fitness equipment Atlanta? Most gym owners would love to kit their gym out with the latest (and expensive) machines. After all, you want to attract the customers by tempting them with the best fitness and workout equipment. Unfortunately, it isn’t as clear-cut as it seems. While you may prefer to buy fitness equipment outright, due to your financial situation, it mightn’t be viable and your only option would be leasing. That doesn’t have to be a disaster though and sometimes, it’s the best way forward. So, should you buy or lease gym equipment for your business?

Leasing Is Smart For New Gyms with Limited Cash Flow

If you buy exercise equipment Atlanta, it can be a big investiture and for most new business owners, especially small gym owners, that’s a major issue. Unfortunately, you won’t always have thousands of dollars to spend on commercial grade fitness equipment and that means you have to lease. However, leasing is a smart idea when you’re just starting up the gym as it means a smaller investment for the equipment. You have lower monthly payments, but of course, in the long-term, leasing is expensive. Fortunately, leasing doesn’t have to be a long-term solution, it could be used until the business is on its feet and you have more cash flow available.

Leasing Is Ideal When It’s For a Trial Period or as a Temporary Replacement

Let’s be honest, it’s going to be far more costly to lease gym equipment, no matter where your business is located. However, leasing commercial fitness equipment Atlanta can be a great idea when an old machine has broken down and is a way for repairs or is being replaced. If you don’t want to lose customers until the new equipment arrives, a temporary replacement, in the form of a leased machine, can be useful. Know more here!

Buying Is a Smart Investment

It’s expensive to purchase gym equipment, there’s no doubt about it, but it can also be a smart idea. Once you’ve bought the equipment and paid for it in full, it’s yours and now a business asset. This is something you have to consider when it comes to running a successful business. Customers want quality goods and investing in fitness equipment is essential, especially when your business can afford to do so. You may draw in returning customers with quality machines and can buy exercise equipment Atlanta that’s customized for your clientele.

Buying Commercial Fitness Equipment Atlanta Is Cheaper In the Long-Term

While leasing equipment is cheaper per month, it actually works out to be more expensive than buying equipment. For instance, a commercial treadmill costs around $1,000; expensive yes, but compare it to leasing and it’s actually pretty cheap. Depending on the leasing company, you might pay anything between $60 and $150 per month. So, if you were to lease for 24 months at $60, you’re talking about $1,440 in lease payments. When you buy exercise equipment Atlanta, you’d only pay $1,000; so, essentially you’re paying $440 more leasing and that’s with the lower rental price.

What’s more, you’re just talking about one piece of equipment whereas there are probably a dozen other costs to take into consideration. Of course, buying every piece of exercise or fitness equipment outright might be impossible to do at first, but it’s something you need to consider. Commercial fitness equipment Atlanta sometimes works out cheaper when you buy; this depends on the amount of equipment required for your gym.

Do the Math

The reality is that every new gym will have their limitations over what they can afford to spend and what they can purchase. Some newcomers will have to lease for the first year or two until they’ve built up a strong client base and have additional money to invest in fitness equipment. Then again, others will have the cash flow to invest in the beginning. The truth is you have to do the math and find out what’s more cost-effective for your gym. If you want to buy exercise equipment Atlanta and lease one or two machines, fine; just ensure the sums add up. For more details, visit: